S.H.E Emerged: The Manifestation of Me

My journey from trauma to triumph was not an easy one. Take a ride with me as I explore some of my most pivotal traumatic moments and how they influenced my life but how God opened the door and S.H.E Emerged

S.H.E Emerged: The Guided Journal

Join me on my journey from trauma to triumph. This book is packed with resources and references to guide you on your own personal journey to healing. Including spaces for note taking and amazing women who have also overcame. So grab your copy today and "Launch The Vision Sis" that vision is you!!

S.H.E Emerged Gift Set

Set includes: Signed copy of the book and Guided Journal; Vegan leather notebook; 11oz coffee mug; candle; bookmark and engraved pen

S.H.E Changes Everything 2 piece sweat suit

This 2 piece set is 100% cotton, the top is a hooded sweat shirt with fitted jogger pants.

S.H.E Emerged

Logo Tee